Upper Management Faces Serious Burnout Too

The Great Resignation may be coming for the C-Suite. A June 2022 survey by Deloitte and Workplace Intelligence showed “nearly 70% of the C-suite are seriously considering quitting for a job that better supports their well-being.” C-suite managers are facing difficulty in keeping teams together and replacing workers, which has negatively affected organizational execution.

Physical changes were seen in the closure of offices during the peak periods of the pandemic. The inability to access a physical office not only disrupted organizational efficiency, but also isolated team members from one another – impacting the workplace both culturally and socially.

Operational needs changed rapidly as large fluctuations in business demands and the ability to meet them shifted constantly. Personal reflection during this disruptive period may have played a large role in the shift in attitude many workers had towards their long-term goals and the decision to change jobs, retire, or seek a new line of work.

As mid-level managers continued to oversee their teams, they were challenged with not only the disruptions to business execution during the pandemic but also the shifts in their worker bases as well. The added pressure of managing their own teams while still reporting to the executive team above them allows little room to devote to personal care leading to greater burn-out.

Going forward, addressing the mental and emotional well-being of all levels of the workforce will become a priority. Retention rates have affected many companies as the workforce continues to shift as workers change where and how they would like to work.

Quality of life becomes more important as employers seek to offer the right balance of remote working options to help address worker engagement and emotional well-being. Ultimately, balancing the emotional well-being and engagement level of employees in all levels of management will become a key factor for businesses going forward.

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