Why Hiring Cyber Savvy Vets is Essential in 2022 

With news breaking in the past month that the Kremlin is preparing to launch major cyberattacks on America in retaliation for the extensive sanctions placed upon Russia, it is of the highest importance to reassess your company’s cybersecurity systems.  

Fortunately for us Americans, there’s an untapped well of cyber savvy US veterans just waiting to be deployed to bolster your cyber defenses should your company be targeted in potential attacks. Sharp Decisions has recognized that veterans with cyber security experience offer an elevated level of attention to detail, resulting in stronger cyber defenses compared to their non-veteran peers. 

Beginning in 2013, Sharp Decisions has found employment for over 800 veterans across a wide array of industries. We know that veterans are vital to the success and security of the modern corporate arena if employers are willing to take them on. This is why we created the V.E.T.S.TM Program to train veterans who are experienced in their fields, like cybersecurity, the skills needed to enter the civilian workforce with ease.  

Taking the time to understand veterans’ experiences as they transition into civilian life is imperative to your success as a company too. Opportunities are missed when employers disregard the option of hiring veterans just because they do not have years of experience in the corporate world; the veteran you ignore could have decades of cybersecurity experience that can be translated to protecting your company! 

So, as you consider making improvements to your company’s cybersecurity systems, contact Sharp Decisions to talk about hiring cyber savvy veterans.