Why Corporate Sponsored Upskilling is Essential in 2022

Mass resignations still have not plateaued since the start of the Great Resignation. As we enter the second half of 2022, it is important to focus on how to retain your top talent while also keeping employees happy.

According to a study conducted by Salesforce, 72% of workers said learning and development on the job would make them more engaged with their work, and 69% said it would make them happier at work as well. In a time where talent is hard to maintain, and large salary increases are out of the question, upskilling is the successful route to take.

It is worth noting that investing in upskilling may require a brief dip in productivity at the beginning. This is not a failure of leadership or employees, but rather a reality that comes with taking the time to implement new skills and functions.

When you break it down, upskilling is simply investing in your employees so they can continue to provide value while allowing them to have opportunities to see their careers grow at your company. Bringing learning and development opportunities to your employees shows that they are valued and trusted to learn new abilities that will help them do their jobs better.

The key to keeping your employees happy and engaged may be in upskilling. It could be helpful to discuss with managers and employees what kinds of learning and development they would like to take part in. Giving employees a chance to voice their opinion provides you with valuable information while also allowing them to feel they are heard.

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