Why Applying a Marketing Mindset to Recruiting is Essential In 2022

As the Great Resignation continues into 2022, recruiters must also continue innovating to find new ways to entice potential talent interested in joining the company. A record 4.5 million people quit their jobs in November 2021 even in the middle of a pandemic. It goes to show that when workers are unhappy, they are not going to hold off on finding a new job: they are going to quit. 

At Sharp Decisions, professionals succeed with grit and hard work, going after the results they want. This is how recruiters must operate to meet the current climate of the job market. Recruiters need to go back to the basics and ignore flashy lures that may have worked in the years before the pandemic.  

Workers simply are not as interested in workplace “bonuses” like in-office gyms, lounges, and other perks. As we continue to operate as a remote and hybrid economy, workers are interested in the things that really matter: meaningful work, good pay, effective leadership, and competitive benefit packages 

Recruiters must see their recruiting efforts as a way to sell potential employees on the company, which most likely requires larger conversations with higher-ups on what can be offered.  

However, if companies wish to bring in younger talent to energize the workplace, they are going to have to meet some of the new generation of workers’ demands because young workers will spend much less time at jobs they are unhappy with than their older coworkers.  

Ultimately, recruiters have to look to what workers want in 2022, the same way marketers look to consumers to find what they need. Recruiters cannot keep operating in the same way as they did before March 2020. The job market is wildly different than it was pre-pandemic, and for recruiters to be successful, they must embrace this change. 

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