What do hiring freezes at big companies and low cash-flow for startups mean for workers?  

Here are two facts that should startle anyone looking to move jobs this Fall:  

Amazon, LinkedIn, Peloton, and a host of major companies have announced hiring freezes and/or job cuts recently. With the major players backing away from hiring and cutting jobs, what does this mean for workers?  

Venture capital funding has dropped 23% in Q2’22 according to CB Insights. As companies continue to reduce available opportunities, how can job seekers, employed or not, obtain new positions? Here are a few tips.  

1-Don’t be discouraged.   

While there has been a VC funding drop, there is still significant funding going to start ups who are hiring. Keep your eyes out for opportunities and continue doing research to find potential jobs.  

2-IT outsourcing could boom.  

Companies that downsize or freeze hiring will need to hire contractors and outsource for IT projects: look at a staffing firm or short-term assignments to earn income and keep skills sharp until the job market rebounds.  

3-Certain skills will always remain in-demand.  

Skills like computer programming tend to be always in-demand. Use this time to build up your skills and certifications in areas to enhance your value to employers.  

4-Look within your company  

If you are currently employed but looking for a change, consider a lateral move to another department within your current company.  

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