VoiceMail Greetings to Cinch Your Unemployment

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Let me tell you a story. Please, just indulge me. It opens in the Sharp Decisions recruiting office. A recruiter is diligently screening resumes, when in the piles of dead-ends, he uncovers a crisp, clean perfectly formatted resume highlighting the candidate’s extensive IT experience.

“This is the guy, right here!” Recruiter Rick** exclaims.

He dials the number in the top right corner of the resume and waits. No one answers, so Recruiter Rick resigns himself to leaving a voicemail.

“Yo, what up? Leave a message,” booms through the receiver.


Recruiter Rick doesn’t bother leaving a message or sending an email. Instead, the crisp, clean resume is crumpled and tossed in the trash bin.

As bad as “yo, what up” guy’s voicemail greeting is, anyone who is currently working, or has ever worked, in a role requiring significant phone contact can tell you that very few things are more irritating than the following scenario:

The number has been dialed, the phone is ringing, and you are waiting for someone to answer.

“Hello, this is [insert name of culprit].”

A long pause ensues, during which you explain who you are and why you are calling. Suddenly, you hear—

“Psych! I’m not really here. So, leave me a message, maybe?”

Let me reiterate, few things are more irritating.

The moral here is that no matter how impressive your qualifications and resume, an unprofessional voicemail greeting can dash your chances of being hired.

Quick, check your voicemail greeting. Even if you just updated your greeting Tuesday, verify that your “friends,” without your knowledge, haven’t changed it to them singing—badly.

In your upgraded voicemail greeting, state your name clearly and slowly. Inform callers of the best methods to reach you. Be polite, be concise, and above all, be professional.

Please, don’t be “yo, what up” guy. You’re better than that. In fact, Sharp Decisions thinks you’re so great that we want to personally help you land the great job that has you salivating.

Ensure your resume is seen by the hiring manager instead of lost to either the web or the dusty piles of resumes sitting in the HR department. Send it to us. We can guarantee that if you have the necessary qualifications, your resume will be placed in the hands of the hiring manager.

To learn more about Sharp Decisions, visit our website at www.sharpdecisions.com. While you’re there, check out our open job opportunities at www.sharpdecisions.com/careers/.

As always, Sharp Decisions wants to know your thoughts. Send any questions or comments tohbruner@sharpdecisions.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

**All names have been changed to protect the identity of the individual.


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