Veterans Break into the Tech Sector at Sharp Decisions  

As of June 2021, the veteran unemployment rate is at 4.8%. At Sharp Decisions, we decided to make sure our veterans are taken care of. Clients are constantly in awe at the hard work and dedication U.S. military veterans are carrying out, and we have made an ongoing commitment to keeping a minimum of 25% of our employees as veterans through the VOW to Hire Heroes program. Here’s how we do it at Sharp:   

Sharp University: Veterans are enrolled in a training program that teaches technological skills from the ground up. Through interactive classes, coding bootcamps, and collaboration, veterans come out of the program prepared for careers in tech.   

Platoon-Style Work: We send our veterans to complete client work in cohorts of 2-3, mimicking that of a military-style platoon. With the addition of multiple viewpoints, a clear chain of command, and headstrong goals, our veteran employees are ready for any mission.   

With the dependability the military instills, veterans enter the tech sector able to work under pressure and meet deadlines. Whether the conditions are strenuous or time-consuming, they can delegate priorities accordingly. On top of that, coming from a background of agile thinking, dexterous analysis, and a team-oriented mindset, veterans are at the forefront of adaptability. There is no insurmountable task at hand.