V.E.T.S. Program will Continue to Thrive in the New Year

When Karen Ross created the V.E.T.S Program, she recognized that there was a dire need for Veteran jobs and while other organizations were sitting idle she chose to do something about it. At the same time, Ross realized that overcoming the stigma of the “ability and stability” of Veteran hires would not be easy. When many companies were nervous to invest in Veterans, Ross discerned that if given suitable training and the proper avenue for success, these Veterans would thrive.

And she was right.

Veterans jumped at the chance. Expressing their gratitude to be able to work for their success, instead of having it handed to them. They wanted an opportunity, not a hand out. Because of their desire to grow the success rate of the program has been high, and many Veterans have completed projects at top tier companies such as Emblem Health.

A manager at Emblem Health was thrilled at the service she received from Sharp Decisions V.E.T.S Graduates, stating in a review,

“Maritza and Victor both made it a priority to ensure that there was complete understanding regarding their assignments and asked questions to ensure there was no miscommunication between us. They are both hard working and very diligent in ensuring that they’re assigned tasks are completed both accurately and in a timely manner.”

She was not only pleased at the quality of service she received, but also the personal demeanor of the Vets.

“My team has actually told me how much they will miss them. They participated in our Secret Santa gift exchange and have gotten along well with everyone around them, even during our floor move. Maritza and Victor, were both extremely professional and integrated into my existing team with ease, it was as if they had been working with Emblem Health for years.”

The success of this program is in large part due to the Veterans who continue to work hard every day to prove that they can do it, that they are just as capable if not more capable then the non-veteran worker. Another huge key to the success of the program is Ross’s and SDI’s constant commitments to see this program not only grow but thrive.

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