Top News In Tech – Why AI Depends on IT, Upskilling the Workforce, and Achieving the Four Day Work Week

At Sharp Decisions, we work with companies around the world to secure top talent who can help address some of the greatest technology challenges. In short, we operate at the intersection of talent and innovation.

This helps us better understand the trends that are driving change in the world of technology. What are some of the issues being spoken about that mirror our business as well?

First, we’ve seen the growth of data and how it has changed the world. AI has enabled us to convert unstructured data into actionable insights – which provide companies with a more competitive edge. But knowing that data is powerful and realizing its benefits are very different things. Companies are investing in technology to transform their infrastructure and handle large-scale computational requirements. As noted in Information Age, “too many AI initiatives are stalled with the complexities of a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach using legacy technologies, leading to months of delays and idle time.”

What do our clients want? The right talent who can help them realize the benefits of big data and artificial intelligence so that they can make more informed decisions. We work with global teams that understand these requirements and can guide the decision process for clients across the spectrum.

In addition to AI, there is another area of focus that will drive change over the coming years. According to the World Economic Forum, 58% of companies will embrace immersive technology by the year 2022. But what does this mean exactly? Immersive technology, also referred to as extended reality or XR is the result of combining augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality; i.e. AR + VR + MR = XR. Extended reality is changing the workplace, but companies need to be prepared and significant upskilling is needed.

Lastly, the tech industry may be leading the way in finding the right work life balance. After a short experiment in its Tokyo office, Microsoft reduced the work week from 5 to 4 days – and noticed a 40% increase in productivity. While this approach cannot work everywhere, the technology industry is leading the way in creating systems and protocols that can help ensure a better and more productive work environment.

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