The Three Things Six Sigma Marketing and Veterans Have in Common

Military training leads to civilian skills companies yearn for. With that in mind, veterans often have knowledge that is easily transferable to corporate life. Here are three ways veterans are set for the job: 

  1. Agile Teams: Veterans respond quickly and efficiently to change, which is incredibly important in the ever-evolving tech environment. With ready-to-act individuals, a greater team effort is put in place.  
  1. Supply Chain Management: Whether it’s a top-down approach or bottom-up, military personnel understand how to communication succinctly. Information can flow freely between parties, making problem-solving and deliverables more efficient.  
  1. Quality Assurance: With the proper training, veterans effectively fulfill company standards and hold themselves accountable. Through trust and integrity, veterans are reliable. If anyone is positioned to lead a transformation project, it is military-trained pros. 

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