Innovating at Sharp University

Our award-winning and industry-first V.E.T.S ™ Program oversees the training and hiring of military veterans. V.E.T.S ™, which stands for the Vocation, Education, and Training of Service members, connects veterans with respectful post-service careers in tech. And they do so through Sharp University: an intensive workshop that provides technological training from the ground up.   Amidst… Continue reading Innovating at Sharp University

How Sharp Decisions Began Innovating in the ‘90s

CEO, Karen Ross, started Sharp Decisions in 1990 to help the financial service sector transform with technological insights. Today, Sharp Decisions is proud to have expanded into Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, FinTech, and Media and Entertainment. The key? Keep going forward and keep innovating. As the pace of technological change increases, all industries are impacted, and every business becomes… Continue reading How Sharp Decisions Began Innovating in the ‘90s