Sharp Decisions Secret Weapon: U.S. Veterans and Their Spouses

U.S. veterans are essential to any team whether on the battlefield or in the boardroom, and at Sharp Decisions we not only acknowledge this, we celebrate it. We launched our Vocation, Education, and Training for Service members Program, or V.E.T.S.TM Program, back in 2013 to provide opportunities for U.S. veterans transitioning out of service and into civilian life. 

Not only have we provided over 800 veterans with meaningful employment since the launch of the program, but we have also provided our clients with dependable, hard-working talent. Our V.E.T.S.TM Program graduates have proven over and over again that when veterans are given the tools and opportunities to work in the corporate environment, they deliver both tangible and intangible results that lift all of their peers, even non-military team members. 

Sharp Decisions gives our U.S. veterans those tools and opportunities to learn how to work in corporate environments across all sectors of the modern business landscape. With the training provided by Sharp Decisions, our graduates go on to work in platoon-like teams, supporting each other as peers who understand the challenges veterans face when heading into the corporate arena. 

At Sharp Decisions, we find that U.S. veterans are the secret weapons to delivering projects ahead of time, on budget, and on target. Their continued success with our clients is the reason why our V.E.T.S.TM Program is stronger than ever nearly nine years after it launched.  

Veterans give so much to protect each one of us, and they hold so much potential for success in corporate roles. Sharp Decisions knows that if we spend the time helping them transition to the civilian workforce, veterans consistently deliver results for our clients that exceed expectations 

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