Sharp Decisions Introduces Innovative V.E.T.S.™ Program, Part 1

On March 13, 2013, Sharp Decisions introduced its innovate and industry-first V.E.T.S. (Vocation, Education and Training for Service members) Program in a press conference held in Midtown, Manhattan. Our program hires tech-savvy, post-9/11 U.S. armed forces veterans as fully salaried/benefited employees and trains them in Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Business Analysis and Project Management, among other specialties, in a boot camp-like, project oriented technology training. We operate our program without any government assistance and do not touch the veterans’ GI Bill benefits. This program was created because, as need for talent in the IT field has increased, we’ve decided to fill the void with an innovative new service capability employing returning military veterans.

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