Sharp Decisions Employee Spotlight: Debra Gioeli

Right out of college Debra Gioeli knew that she wanted to be a recruiter. For three years she worked at a different recruiting firm, until 2010 when Gioeli herself, was recruited.

A spirited and creative recruiting firm, Sharp Decisions, wanted Gioeli to come work for them. She took a chance that has provided her with a job and work-family that has become “her second home.”

Gioeli feels that she can be herself at Sharp Decisions. She finds that one of the best things about working at SDI is the fantastic office dynamic. She feels that Sharp Decisions CEO Karen Ross works extra hard to provide each employee with an atmosphere they can feel comfortable working in. “Karen definitely makes this a comfortable setting. She knows that a person is only going to strive in an environment that they are comfortable in. She does not want you to hold back, she wants you to be who you are.”

Because of this personable office mentality, Gioeli and her spunky, energetic personality has fit in perfectly at Sharp Decisions. She has worked hard over the years to prove that her unique personality and drive would provide powerful results for the SDI team. She has succeeded, and continues to thrive as senior recruiter for the company.

In the next five years Gioeli sees herself still doing what she loves to do: recruit. She also sees herself helping junior recruiters gain the same success she has, “I feel like I am good at what I do; I think from the beginning I could show [junior recruiters] the right way to do things: from the best ways to recruit, how to gain a person’s interest within a short amount of time, as well as how to deal with any obstacles that you come across.”

In her spare time, Gioeli spends time with friends, listening to music, and reading. She says many people do not know about her love for reading, mostly dramas. Gioeli is passionate about what she does and it is reflected in her firm and enthusiastic tone; she herself says she does not have the ability to talk quietly.

“Whisper is not in my vocabulary,” Gioeli said.

But this passion is why she can connect with anyone, whether they need advice or just need to laugh. Her ability to bond with people and relate to what they need is what makes her an exceptional and experienced recruiter.

Over the years Gioeli says SDI has helped to her to grow in many ways, not just professionally but personally as well.

“My confidence has definitely grown,” Gioeli said. “Being able to be who I am has definitely boosted my self-esteem and helped me to be a better recruiter.”

The confidence she has gained from Sharp Decisions has pushed her as well and continues to push her to new heights in her career.

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