Sharp Decisions’ 2012 Summer Intern Class Learns on the Job

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We welcomed our summer interns the first week in June, and they truly hit the ground running. Under the direction of Sharp Decisions Senior Recruiter, Tim Carr, and Marketing & Communications Director, Jim Saxa, they were immersed in the wonderful world of technology and finance recruiting — getting involved in many of our day-to-day operations including candidate sourcing, phone interviews, database searches, interview preps, social media (Twitter and Facebook), and even a crash course in basic finance concepts.

The team even sourced, vetted and interviewed (in person) over 250 candidates for entry-level roles, while making over 1,500 phone calls — an impressive feat for even the most seasoned recruitment professionals. They proved exceptionally adept at executing error-free afternoon Starbucks order fulfillment and delivery (an essential part of any self-respecting work-study).

The eight-week program just came to a close, and it was a pleasure and a privilege to host such an intelligent and motivated group of young people. We look forward to expanding our internship program opportunities in the coming months and years.

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Clockwise from bottom left: Carl Nilsmo (Villanova), Lindsay Mittler (University of Delaware), Anika Haher ( Susquehanna University), Gabriela Fusco (St. Thomas Aquinas College)

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