NBC Highlights V.E.T.S. Program’s Work at Freddie Mac, Part Two

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Last week NBC highlighted the work that the Sharp Decisions V.E.T.S. Program continues to do at one of our anchor client sites, Freddie Mac, for part two of their Veterans at Work series.

The program, now almost two years old at Freddie Mac, has exceeded expectations. In one instance, the V.E.T.S. team was able to complete a project nearly one month ahead of schedule.

Previously, Freddie Mac’s Tim Snyder, a Desert Storm veteran himself, said that bringing on squads of veterans “was the easiest business decision I ever made. These guys come to us already trained and in teams that have already worked together. I would say that they are actually more effective than many of our college hires because they are more experienced, focused and they already know exactly what they need to learn.”

Check out Part 1 from the evening news segment here.

See the longform, Part 2 version below.


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