Memorial Day 2022 – Remembering Those Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice

Remembering Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice 

On a day as solemn as Memorial Day, I urge us all to pause and reflect upon how we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. While I am certain that you will see commercials and advertisements for discounts and promotions that we have come to associate with the holiday, let us take the time to consider what the day is truly about. 

Originally called “Decoration Day,” observers of the holiday would decorate with flowers the graves of those who died while serving in the United States Military. For nearly 100 years beginning in 1868, just a few years after the end of The Civil War, Decoration Day was observed on May 30th in honor of those who died defending our nation during the Civil War.  

In 1971, Congress standardized the holiday to be observed on the last Monday in May for us to honor all the fallen U.S. soldiers across all campaigns. While flowers may still be placed upon graves, we now typically see American Flags placed at each grave of U.S. Military members.  

While we remember those we have lost, it is equally important to give the same honor and respect to those who have served and returned home to their families enjoying their freedoms. We must fight for those who have fought for us to live freely in this country by continuing to offer employment, resources, and our gratitude to our veterans.  

I am proud to be moving the needle on finding meaningful employment for our veterans. Sharp Decisions was recently honored as a VETS Indexes Recognized Employer for our V.E.T.S.TM Program.  

So, enjoy your holiday weekend, BBQs, and the unofficial start of Summer. But let’s never forget about the fallen heroes that we owe our solemn reverence to while we take part in our Memorial Day activities this weekend. 

Karen Ross 
CEO of Sharp Decisions