Looking at Tech Through the Lens of Service

The new dispersed workforce has shown that productivity can remain high when not working in the same office location. An employee’s commitment to service to their company often comes down to how well a company empowers them to make decisions on their own.

Ask any C-suite executive what aspect they look for most when hiring a new employee, and the answers can all be traced back to a variation of “service with pride.” Taking pride in a job well done and showing up every day ready to further the mission. Sound familiar? The U.S. veteran embodies this mission. It is up to the company culture and workforce initiatives to nurture this spirit of service in order to ensure career-long engagement. 

Our industry-first V.E.T.S ™ Program gives service in tech a whole new meaning. Veterans are dedicated, hardworking, foster a collaborative environment, and consistently inspire others to achieve the mission at hand. Time and time again, clients show deep satisfaction in working with vets, and that’s all thanks to their commitment.