How to Involve more Women in the STEM Workforce

As a certified woman-owned business (WBENC), Sharp Decisions knows what actions need to be taken to increase the number of women in the STEM workforce. Our dedication to diversity has resulted in Sharp Decisions being ranked in the top 5 of’s ‘Top 50 Women-Owned Business in New York’ six consecutive years.  

At Sharp Decisions, we recognize there are some basic barriers to entry that shut women out of STEM jobs. Involving more women in the STEM workforce starts with encouragement at a young age. Your daughters, nieces, and granddaughters need the backing of their family to pursue whatever lies on their horizon for them.  

Providing special projects or programs in, or after, school designed to increase interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for young girls is crucial. Encouragement from mentors and family members allows kids experimenting with science projects to grow up working in STEM fields.  

Further, businesses need to make an outward approach to recruiting young women as they get ready to graduate from both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Showing up to career fairs with female representatives of the company is a great way to make young women more comfortable approaching STEM employers. 

It not only helps female soon-to-be college graduates to hire them right out of college, but it also helps current female employees. With more women involved in the office, the more comfortable they are speaking up, making sure they are heard, and participating actively. It comes down to hiring as balanced of a team as possible to make sure that everyone can work efficiently and effectively without sacrificing comfort. 

Other than hiring women into STEM roles, there are more concrete ways to make it easier for women to break into these fields. It is essential to offer paid family leave following the birth of a child. Most working parents in the United States cannot forego paychecks and will often come back to work much, much sooner than they should.  

In a United States Labor Bureau report from March 2021, it was found that only 23% of American workers have access to paid family leave through their employer.  

As an employer, giving your workers the paid-leave they need to care for their family just as they are starting one is a great way to let women know that they are welcome in your workplace and won’t have to sacrifice career goals for personal goals. Workplaces that do not offer paid family leave create just one more barrier for women to overcome in the struggle to close the gender gap in STEM. 

There is serious incentive in the marketplace to be hiring and training women in STEM related jobs. Having a certain percentage of women in your company’s workforce can allow your company to be involved in Supplier-Diversity programs.  

As a Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise, Sharp Decisions has always supported women entering the STEM workforce from all walks of life. Because we draw from our U.S. veterans, making up the most diverse pool of talent in the country, we proudly supply diverse teams that continue to impress our clients year after year. Our highly diverse team is what gives us strength in the modern business world.

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