How to Improve Your Work-From-Home Workflow

Though remote work is more popular than ever, we all experience some of the same problems we face in the office. Feeling “always on,” distracted, and burning out are all part of working remotely. Here’s a few ways to make the most of working from home. 

“Always On” – Setting Boundaries 

Just because you’re not in the office doesn’t mean you can’t work yourself too hard. Though you may not be used to being home all the time, it’s important to separate work from your home life even though they now take place in the same location. If you find yourself grinding into the late hours of the night all too often, consider taking a day off, or speaking with your manager about your work habits. Working from home does not mean living at work!

Minimize Distractions 

Perhaps the most difficult part of working from home comes from the distractions in our home life. Children, roommates, television, neighbors, and more can be real points of distraction. Set expectations with family members and roommates about your availability and needs during the workday.  

Something that is easier said than done: resist the urge to watch television, stream movies, or other media during the day. Because we are more connected than ever, it’s easy to throw a show on, but remember there is still work to be done during the day. Set limitations for yourself of what is and is not appropriate to do during work hours and stick to it.

Preventing Burnout 

With the luxury of working from home, it’s more convenient than ever to take a quick moment away from the computer screen. Because we’re never more than a few seconds away from “work,” make sure to give yourself time to get outside during the daylight and give your eyes a break from the screens you use for work.

Many people had to throw together a makeshift home office in March 2020. Are you still using that set up? Investing in your workspace can create a much more effective and efficient workday for you. Consider finding a comfortable chair, getting a desk that is both comfortable and has enough space, and making sure your workspace is in a quiet part of your living space for more professional virtual meetings. 

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