How The Pandemic Taught us to Embrace Change in The Workplace

Sudden changes – like a pandemic – can happen at any moment, and companies that are willing and prepared to adapt to sudden changes or events are the ones that will survive long-term.  

According to CNBC, the amount of people searching for remote work jumped a whopping 460% between June 2019 and June 2021. What this tells us is that companies must start thinking about hybrid and remote work options sticking around for good.  

Additionally, companies must change their expectations of the location of the talent they hire for roles that were previously required to be in-office. If the job can be fully remote, why limit your talent to the immediate area near the office? In order to eliminate confusion, remove location-based job postings for fully remote jobs. You could be scaring away talent that may have otherwise applied without the location attached to the posting. 

The pandemic showed employers just how popular this flexibility stemming from remote work is with employees. Understanding that the future of the workplace isn’t 100% in-office is a crucial lesson from the pandemic.  

To avoid falling victim to the Great Resignation, allow for more flexibility for existing and future talent to work remotely and work the hours they need to get their work done. Since the start of the pandemic, many workers found they weren’t working 9am-5pm every day. Consider allowing employees to work the hours they choose, so long as they meet deadlines. 

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