How Smaller Teams are Becoming More Effective than Ever  

No workplace is the same anymore. Some workers are remote, others are in office. Some workers are in EST, while others are in PST. We have seen a lot of changes to the way work has traditionally been done. With such varying ways of working, it’s becoming more effective to have small teams work on projects than to involve more people than absolutely necessary. 

At Sharp Decisions, we know firsthand that small groups are better suited to complete projects on time, on target, and under budget. Bringing in one candidate to handle a project can be overwhelming and cause more harm than good and involving too many employees can cause a project to stall.  

Small, empowered teams are much more likely to exercise strong communication skills and teamwork to complete tasks efficiently. Providing small teams with the tools and resources they need while clearing up red tape to go through allows them to complete high-quality work much more efficiently than large teams that need multiple people to sign off on progress.  

When Sharp Decisions is approached by a client with large scale problems, we train and educate a small team under our Sharp University. This team works together over the span of several weeks to become experts on the project they are to work on and build comradery with each other. When our platoon-style group is ready to work, they are deployed to our client, having already been briefed, trained, and educated on the task at hand. 

When it comes to building small, empowered teams, Sharp Decisions stands out in our industry for our dedication to providing high-quality workers and solutions.