How Sharp Decision’s Platoon-Based Training Encourages Career Growth for Vets

Problem-solvers, deadline-oriented, and quick-minded, veterans come with assets that make them valuable team players. Veterans at Sharp Decisions work best in cohorts, akin to platoons in the military. With this approach, we have found there is strength in teamwork.   

When we say that we deploy our teams in a platoon approach, we are referencing the inter-disciplinary nature of the skillsets mastered by each team member. Today’s workforce closely resembles a military platoon with a clear chain of command, clear goals, and staffed by individuals with unique expertise that is essential to completing the mission. 

In order to thrive at work, being surrounded by multiple viewpoints ensures that a project is thoroughly thought-out and executed successfully. The individual experience of each member is valued, and in the platooning approach, each team member uses their own unique skillset and worldview to help guide the project to a successful outcome. #SharpDecisions

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