Freddie Mac Highlights Partnership with V.E.T.S. Program

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The V.E.T.S.™ Program aims to change the way in which veteran unemployment is viewed in this country and abroad. Our unique model launches these vets into new careers, not just jobs, in the technology field as Quality Assurance/User Acceptance Testers while providing Sharp Decisions’ clients with uniquely effective and skilled personnel. It is a no-brainer business decision.

Freddie Mac was one of our first clients to bring on a squad of veterans and quickly recognized how much of an asset they were to their organization.

Recently, Freddie Mac highlighted this in a blog article featured on their website. They spoke with Tim Snyder, a VP at Freddie Mac, who said, “Our first team of vets hit the deck running to help us deliver a major software project — and it’s impressive that it was ahead of schedule.”

Sharp Decisions CEO Karen Ross is thrilled to be continuing the relationship with Freddie Mac as they bring on a second squad of veterans.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Freddie Mac to continue the success of an innovative model that hasn’t been done before,” said Ross.

To read the full story on Freddie Mac’s website, click here.


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