Four Ways the Group Leader Can Improve Virtual Conferences

Virtual meetings and sales presentations are here to stay. After a year and a half of working remotely, are you still making the effort to have productive and well-planned virtual meetings? 

Here are four ways to improve virtual meeting experiences for attendees and yourself. 

  1. Plan and distribute an agenda in advance 

Creating an agenda ahead of time will not only keep you and your team on task, but also allow for team members to plan ahead for discussion during the meeting. In order to give people plenty of time to properly plan for the meeting, send out your agenda one day beforehand. 

  1. Turn on captioning for the hard of hearing 

Here’s how to manage live captioning for ZoomTeams, and Google Meet 

Turning on live captioning is an easy way to make sure everyone on your team can fully digest the information being discussed. Every person has different computer set ups at home and for those that may hear less than others, captioning is a great way to make sure everyone is getting the same information.  

  1. Make time to help team members with computer trouble 

If you have a team member with routine computer issues, it goes a long way to assist them a few minutes before the meeting begins. Have them join five minutes early to test audio and visual to assist them should they need help. 

  1. Make sure you can be seen and heard 

On that note, it’s important that as the group leader you can be seen and heard clearly. At this point in the pandemic, hopefully you have been able to put together a home office if you didn’t have one prior. If not, make sure to find a quiet space away from people (like other roommates, children, or pets). Also, be sure your background visual is not distracting from the meeting. Many virtual meeting applications allow for blurred or custom backgrounds for those who may not have a professional area to take the meeting in. 

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