Don’t Let Recruiting Overshadow Job Retention Efforts

According to CNBC, 55% of people currently in the workforce are likely to look for new jobs within the next 12 months. In what some are calling “The Great Resignation,” more employees are looking for new work right now than in recent history.  

Companies are increasing both recruiting budgets and spending to advertise to job seekers: but what is your company doing to retain your current employees? Are you seeing high rates of turnover? Here are three ways to keep your employees from leaving. 

  1. Bring in niche talent to offload tasks that can be automated. 

Are your employees being bogged down with repetitive tasks that make parts of their jobs dreadful? Consider bringing in someone to create automation for those aspects of your employee’s jobs. With employees freed from tedious tasks, they can focus more on completing their core responsibilities. 

  1. Check in with your employees to make sure they’re motivated and enjoying the work they are doing. 

Employee motivation lies beyond the paycheck. Boredom, lack of recognition, and unexciting advancement opportunities all lead to the decline of motivation in workers. When employees enjoy their job (and workplace), they are more likely to be engaged and motivated to carry out their responsibilities with care. According to, businesses with high employee engagement (or determined to achieve their company’s goals) showed 21% higher levels of profitability than businesses with low engagement. 

  1. Give employees reasons to stay at your company 

If you’re looking for long-term employees, a salary with benefits might not be enough to hold a worker’s loyalty to your company. Younger workers especially look for more welcoming, flexible work environments. According to CNBC, 70% of employees say having friends at work is the most important part of a happy work life, and 58% of men would even refuse a higher-paying job if it meant working with people they did not like. It’s not all just about money; you have to create a workplace that people enjoy being a part of.  

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