Digital Transformation: Now that All Your Data is in the Cloud, Where Do You Go From Here?

In 2020, 61% of businesses migrated their work to the cloud. Data migration to the cloud and breaking down of independent informational silos has enabled leading companies to quickly pivot their I.T. infrastructure. Now, businesses can support a host of work from home applications and increase virtual collaboration.  With more than half of businesses on the cloud or converting over, questions remain. Where do you go from here? How does your company continue to improve? Here are some tips.   

  1. Security First: Protecting data is essential. Be defensive. Work-from-home adds more end points, which can easily be sites of entry for cyber attackers.   
  1. Integrations with Third Parties: Much like enterprise resource planning (ERP), combining the various facets of running a business into a central software is essential in order to go forward. Working with outdated tech and a narrow scope will limit what you are able to do and can leave your company more vulnerable.   
  1. Build Capabilities for Elasticity: Just like a disaster preparedness plan, it is essential to make sure your business can withstand any catastrophe. Put systems in place to aid your business in case disaster strikes.