Black Holes, Gambling, and Lost Applications

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Finding a job in today’s economy is tough. Landing the job that’s right for your qualifications and ambitions is even tougher. Why not let a firm with 22 years of success in helping good candidates secure great jobs help?

Applying to Sharp Decisions instead of directly to a company can exponentially increase your chances of getting the job.

Here’s why:

When you apply directly to a company, you are effectively owned by that company, and a recruiter can never recommend you for a position with that company.

Not only is this bad for us because we’re losing the opportunity to represent an awesome candidate (that’s you), but statistically speaking, you’re less likely to get the job.

Here’s why:

Applying for a position at a top-tier firm in the financial sector is a bit like tossing your application into a voracious black hole, never to be seen again.

Consider this. According to CNNMoney, Edward Jones had 1,151 job openings at the start of 2012. But, Edward Jones also had 221,392 applicants at the time. Considering only the numbers, a candidate has a 0.52% chance of getting one of those jobs.

The statistics become even more disquieting when you take into account that 50% of companies use an electronic application system like ATS (Applicant Tracking System). So, for your application to move forward, it must first be approved by a computer system programmed to recognize certain keywords.

Even if your application does survive the electronic application system, chances are still slim that your application will be viewed by human eyes. Many human resources teams are only required to view a percentage of the applications they receive, and this percentage is fairly low. Think 20% low. That just slashed your chances of having a sentient being even look at your application to 10%. And, that 10% isn’t even your chance of landing the job. It’s only your chance of being considered for it.

Calm down. Sharp Decisions is here to help.

When you apply through Sharp Decisions, we find jobs well suited for you. Then, we help you format your resume to highlight the reasons you are an excellent fit for that position. Most importantly, we place your resume in the hands of the hiring manager, therefore, increasing your likelihood of earning an interview with the company.

Don’t gamble with your career by applying directly to a company, where your application may, but probably won’t, be considered. Instead, send your resume to us, and allow us to advocate for your success.

As always, Sharp Decisions values your input, so send your questions or comments We can’t wait to hear from you.


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