Bloomberg PM Markets Discusses Doubling Down on Vets in Tech with Karen Ross

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sharp Decisions CEO Karen Ross joined Carol Massar and Jason Kelly of Bloomberg PM Markets this afternoon to discuss why Sharp Decisions has doubled down on veterans in the technology sector.

Major corporate America institutions, particularly the technology sector throughout every major industry, has reached a crossroads. A perfect storm of decreased visa applicants and a lack of talented and available resources has put critical technology projects in jeopardy.

Sharp Decisions has been using veteran resources to fill this void for the last five years. American businesspeople are programmed to assume veterans cannot re-integrate into the workforce because they confuse ‘incompatibility of skills’ with ‘direct experience in my industry.’

But yet many corporate leaders still believe, for one reason or another, that veterans come home damaged from the horrors of war. It is simply untrue. Research shows that post-9/11 veterans are not struggling at unprecedented numbers, but, in truth, veterans from 2005-2015 made nearly $12,000 more than the national average. Couple that with increased employment rates, as the U.S. Labor Department detailed was at an all-time high in November, and it becomes clear that military service has actually become a path to economic success that is above average.

A report from Hiring Our Heroes from 2017 detailed 44 percent of veterans left their first job out of the military within a year due to dissatisfaction. Veterans are ready for more opportunities and avenues for success.

Corporations fear veterans will undoubtedly fail in an environment where they are left alone. What they fail to understand, though, is this risk is significantly mitigated when you hire them in cohorts.

Veterans thrive in comprehensive programs that hire them as full-time employees, invest in their training in teams and then provides them with a distinct career path by deploying them to clients in mutually supporting squads. It allows them to adjust to civilian life with a support system they are familiar with and allows the company to reap immediate rewards.


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