Is Artificial Intelligence Writing Your News?

A robotic hand touches a keyboard

Can you tell the difference between a human-written article and an Artificial-Intelligence-written article? For CNET readers, it appears not. In January 2023, Futurism reported that CNET had quietly posted over 70 articles using AI. Readers, and even employees, were unaware of the use of AI.

Articles Written by Artificial Intelligence

Anonymous “CNET Money Staff” wrote the articles, which were geared towards SEO-driven topics regarding mortgage rates, CD rates, and other high-ranking keywords. Following Futurism’s report, CNET quickly stopped the practice and the Editor In Chief, Connie Guglielmo, released a statement.

Guglielmo claims CNET’s goal in using AI was “to see if the tech can help our busy staff of reporters and editors with their job to cover topics from a 360-degree perspective.” CNET has since made the by-lines more transparent. The articles feature a disclaimer stating: “This article was assisted by an AI engine and reviewed, fact-checked and edited by our editorial staff.”

There is still much to be discovered about the potential of how AI influences how we consume media, news, and more. Will AI news articles negatively impact the workforce, readers, and the media landscape? Will it truly free up time for more important tasks to be completed, leading to harder-hitting journalism and valuable content?

Sharp Decisions and AI

This article, like all articles featured on our website, was written by a human. However, as AI becomes more prevalent this year and more use-cases come about, we will be keeping a close eye on how AI can transform businesses.

Look forward to more articles on Artificial Intelligence in the months to come. As it continues to quickly develop, Sharp Decisions will be keeping an eye on the implementation and use of Artificial Intelligence. To learn more about Sharp Decisions, get in touch with us here. For more insights, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, and find job opportunities on our careers page.