Unmatched Industry Expertise. Unrivaled Delivery and Determination.

Born out of providing strategic consultative services to the Financial Services industry, Sharp Decisions has migrated to many other industry sectors such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government and Media & Telecom.

For over 25 years, Sharp Decisions has excelled in providing qualified Project Managers, Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts with experience working with all major software products for our financial services clients throughout the country and around the world.

In the healthcare space, we work with some the nation’s largest healthcare providers and health plans, providing expert consulting solutions to help payers and providers alike maintain the efficiency of process and quality of staff necessary to offer superior patient care and service while maintaining and growing business.

We continue to be a major partner of many of the world’s most recognized manufacturing corporations because of the integrity with which we operate as well as the highly efficient and cost-effective way in which we complete our projects.

We also possess extensive experience serving federal, state, and local government agencies. We boast an unblemished reputation for delivering solutions that have repeatedly proven that cutting-edge technologies improve performance and efficiency in government as well as private enterprise.

We help media and telecom companies strategically expand their content offerings, digital delivery technologies and systems efficiency through time tested methodologies drawn from years of successful projects. We are experts in operating and working with several key technologies, including Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications.

And our V.E.T.S.™ Program features consultants whose work with the military’s most advanced technology has prepared them to perfectly match the needs of the private technology industry. And by training our veterans, we absorb the risk by bridging the gap between their military skills and the needs of private sector companies, tailoring every training to the specific needs of our clients. Once trained, our veterans are deployed in squads of three or more to clients, creating teams of specialized consultants that help to deliver on every project, on or under budget, every time.

Our veterans are adaptable to any project, in any industry, and learn and acclimate faster, as well as work as a unit to complete tasks in a shorter time than the average consultant. They are also able to enter a project and address a task at any point in the system development lifecycle.

These are among the reasons why Sharp Decisions is a trusted partner of some of the best-known and most successful Fortune 100 and 500 companies throughout the country and the world.

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